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Common Summer Garage Door Issues

Everyone can feel it when the summer approaches. The kiss of scorching heat in the atmosphere makes it more and more demanding to many not only to living but also to nonliving objects such as certain areas in your household. One of the most frequent targets for this is your garage door. 

The hotness, as well as the moisture, could damage or worst it would end up beyond economical repair.

These issues could lead to safety and security breaches caused by very heavy garage doors and the numerous components that go into them. Thus, what seems to be the problem and how can we resolve these? 

Find out more here about the most frequently encountered garage door problems in the summer and their solutions:

Safety Sensors Malfunctioning

On one hand, safety and security sensors were installed in every garage door in order to detect and recognize objects that pose hazards while closing. It warns a person or an object to avoid being crushed by reversing the movement of the garage door if it senses something. Contact our Experts at Garage Door Repair in Cypress TX

On the other hand, sensors may seldom be having failure to mistakenly recognize the sunlight as an obstruction causing the garage door to open or shut without controlling it.

This matter can be addressed by mounting a shaded cover to the sensor. It may be available from

the maker or just simply build a DIY version from aluminum foil or cardboard. In addition, another alternative is to tilt the sensor coverage away from the light rays of the sun.

Noisy Garage Door

The noise from the garage door is definitely disturbing and troublesome for being uncomfortable thinking that your door is somewhat broken. Instead of getting some relaxation, you are worried about the status of your garage door.

The lubricants of all moving parts such as the tracks and rollers of your door might be dried out from the high temperature of the sun.

Insufficient lubrication can cause an unusual sound like squealing or grinding when the garage door operates.

In order to avoid this problem ensure to keep critical components such as hinges, chain drive, tracks, rollers, and much more are well lubricated with an exclusive garage door lubricant or grease.

Garage Door Doesn’t Open or Close Smoothly

During the summer season, it is quite noticeable that your garage door does not open and shut well compared to when it was newly installed. The expansion of all metal parts including the moving components is the main reason for your garage door to be defective. It will derail rollers and chains from their original position resulting in being jammed and stuck.

The answer to this is to ensure that your garage door components are well lubricated most especially the essential parts where the mechanisms are moving like the springs, hinges, rollers, and tracks. High-temperature lubricants are recommended to use specifically before summer and then apply every month.

Garage Door Fading

The most common garage door issue during summer is fading. The garage door is more often than not exposed to direct sunlight, and it is likely to make it fade.

To resolve this concern, apply a new layer coating of paint or an exterior stain finish. 

This should be done yearly or when you start seeing paints that are fading.

Use liquid wax for additional protection against direct hits of sunlight or other harmful elements.

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